Sunday Adult Classes

Sunday Classes, Study Groups and Fellowship

Ambassadors | Sunday 9:45 am upstairs in Room 306

Fellowship is a key benefit of the Ambassadors' members. Social time includes visiting with coffee or tea, followed by singing and intercessory prayer, before the lessons commence. The teachers are typically class members who volunteer to instruct or lead the lesson(s). The class structure encourages discussion. Class members also plan a number of social activities throughout the year.

Seekers Class | Sunday 9:30 am (social time) 9:45 am prayer and lessons commence

The Seekers Class is a diverse mix of members who discuss biblical and contemporary issues in a Christian context. Class members volunteer to facilitate the discussions. The Seekers are known for their willingness to demonstrate love and respect towards one another even when they have wildly differing points of view. This class encourages hearty and heart-felt conversations.

Cornerstone Study Group | Sunday 11:00 am main floor Library, Room 202

Participants in the Cornerstone Study Group generally attend the 9:30 am Contemporary Worship Service. The service may inspire the topic of discussion or the leader may bring a separate issue to discuss. Members volunteer to facilitate the study and discussion.

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