What to Expect

When do you celebrate communion?                                                                                                                                                                                                         We celebrate communion every Sunday and all are invited to participate. At the 8:30 and 11 AM services, communion is passed in trays.  You may take of the communion as your receive it.  At the 9:30 Contemporary service, communion is near the end of the service.  You will be invited to come forward, tear off a piece of the bread and dip it in the grape juice and then return to your seat. 

What do you believe about scripture?
We believe the scripture is inspired by God and God continues to speak through them.  
How do you become a member of the congregation?
Persons interested in joining our church by confession of faith or by transfer of membership may do so by coming forward during the singing of the song immediately following the sermon.
How do you feel about infants, children and teenagers?
Salem First Christian Church is a great place to be an infant, child or teenager.  Kids of all ages are encouraged to be seen, heard and a part of our church life.  We have programs for kids of all ages.  We have exciting classes on Sunday morning.  Our youth groups take engaging mission trips.  Trained Child carer is available in the Nursery during all morning services for younger children.  Children 3 through 5th grade are encouraged to attend Sunday School during the 9:30.  There is a Children’s Church program during the 11 o’clock hour. 
Are you required to give money to the church?
Those who belong to our church are encouraged to make an offering.  We believe that giving of your financial resources is a spiritual practice.  If you are a guest, let this time be God’s gift to you through us.
What local and global missions do you support?
Salem First Christian Church has a very active mission program.  We have one-time mission commitments and we have mission relationships that have spanned the years.  We support local programs such as food banks, homeless ministries, and building projects.  We send church members on mission projects around the world and support targeted initiatives, including an emphasis in Ecuador.
What Bible studies do you offer?
In addition to traditional Bible studies, we offer classes on a variety of topics.  
Each Fall we have an emphasis on one particular book of the Bible.  
How do I get involved in the music groups?
You show up.  Salem First Christian Church has a variety of music opportunities including traditional choir and the praise band.  Everyone is invited to participate where his or her heart desires. More info
How do I get to know more about the church?
Two times a year we have a Discover FCC Luncheon.  If you have signed in as a guest, you will automatically receive an invitation.  It is an opportunity to meet the staff, learn more about our church, ask questions and get a tour of the building. Michelle Gorman is also available to answer any questions you may have about the church and is available at 503-363-9273 ext.302 or michelleg@salemfcc.org. 
How do I get to know other people at Salem First Christian Church?
Come and enjoy - we want to get to know you!  There are so many ways to participate and to connect with people.  You are invited to all of our events.
Why do you all have so much fun?
We believe God created fun and God has fun. We are made in the image of God and therefore we laugh, celebrate and enjoy our life together!